Where Have All The Closets Gone?

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This is actually a very short article. But it’s one of those pesky trivia things that has been floating around in my head for a long time. So, I’ve decided to share it with the rest of you.

Excuse Me! What’s With Kitties in Bustle Dresses?

Yes, I know – most kitties Do Not walk around in Bustle Dresses! This is a design I created a long time ago and felt I had to use it somewhere! Hey – they Are cute!

Now, down to business!

Do you know why so many Victorian houses did not have closets?

During the Victorian era, houses were not typically taxed on their Size or the Acres they sat on. They were taxed on the Number of Rooms within the home! Now, that said – A Closet was considered a Room! Therefore, homeowners decided that the price was not worth it. Ergo Enter the Armoire! An Armoire is quite simply a wardrobe or movable cabinet – typically ornate – for storage. The Armoire became an Extremely popular alternative for keeping one’s clothing, shoes and other items stowed away.

Victorian Era:

The Victorian era of the United Kingdom was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from June 1837 until her death on the 22nd of January 1901. The reign was a long period of prosperity for the British people, as profits gained from the overseas British Empire, as well as from industrial improvements at home, allowing an educated middle class to develop. Some scholars extend the beginning of the period—as defined by a variety of sensibilities and political games that have come to be associated with the Victorians— to the passage of the Reform Act 1832.

Some believe that the Victorian Era was a mentally abusive time in society. The Social structure was so very strict that stepping outside the Social Law of the time could leave one without friends, family, jobs and, in some cases, marriage opportunities.

To be perfectly fair, though. The Victorian era was ushering in advancement in technologies both industrially and medically. Education was on a rise and women, for the first time, were standing up – demanding to be heard – demanding to vote. These courageous women put themselves in harms way so women today would have the Right to Vote.

The Victorian era had so many contradictions and contributions that I, quite honestly, am fascinated by it! I hope to be writing more articles on this period in history. So please stop by for other trivia moments!

Various facts supplied by Wikipedia

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    Ellen, sorry I haven’t commented earlier. I actually read it when you first posted it. This is awesome. It is so nice to learn of our historyin such a great way of your sharing with everyone. Great job.

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