True Ghostly Encounter!

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Throughout the course of my life, I have never had a opinion one way or another about ghosts, having encounters with them or believing there were such things as ghost – period. This changed when I experienced an encounter for myself!  I know that the majority of people do Not believe in ghostly encounters and I don’t try to convince people in anyway.  All I do know is, you probably never will believe in ghosts unless you experience it for yourself! This is a true story as God is my Witness!

I lived in an old brownstone in NYC a long time ago.  In Victorian times, this was a private residence and must have been magnificent! The brownstone had been turned into apartments in Chelsea on 23rd between 8th and 9th Ave. This was before the massive renovations that hit Chelsea.  I lived in one of the apartments with 2 room mates; the apt consisted of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  You entered the Apt. on the upstairs level, a spiral staircase led downstairs to two bedrooms and bath.  My room mates and I would go out on many occasions – come home and find things moved around?? Out of place??  On one occasion, I was downstairs and heard the vacuum cleaner and was shocked! The thought that John was actually cleaning was historical! I had to see this for myself, so I started upstairs. The vacuum cleaner turned off before I reached the landing and John was Not In The Apartment! No one was there but me!

My bedroom was downstairs and looked out into a courtyard.  It was in ruins by then but once upon a time, it must have been a beautiful place.  I was sleeping one night and something woke me.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but I felt as if someone was standing over me watching me sleep! I could feel their face within inches of my face!  It scared me to death!  I laid very still, (perspiring profusely) pretending to be asleep.  I didn’t know if someone had broken in.  Therefore, I was terrified that someone had come into my room and found me!  I was on my side facing my closet door.  I could not see the outline of the door – I don’t know why, at this particular moment, I thought about that, but I was sure that I had always been able to see the outline of the closet door!  Something out the corner of my eye – a streak or flash of light caught my attention.  My eyes immediately followed this image, but it was gone as fast as it appeared.  When I looked back at my closet door, I could see the outline of the door! Some mass had been blocking it!! I sat up there was no one in my room but me.

I hadn’t lived there very long when this happened, maybe a month or so. John, who needed to fill the vacancies left by his former room mates, had been looking for folks to move in.  My best friend was his girlfriend and she knew I was looking for a place to live.  So, I really didn’t know John all that well. Yet, after this occurrence, I really felt I had to tell him about this.  I thought for sure he’d think I was a nut! Wondering how he got stuck with this nut case as a room mate! Much to my surprise, he told me that there had been occurrences in the apartment for some time! He also confessed that my bedroom was the most highly active area! LOL! He hadn’t told me because, quite frankly, he figured I’d pack my bags and leave. (How True ! How True!) He just hoped I wouldn’t have any confrontations – so let sleeping dogs lie!! He told me various experiences he had over the time he lived there.  He told me on one occasion seeing his grandmother sitting on the spiral stairs – even though she had been gone for years! Wow! I really needed to hear this, right!

He told me that the brownstone was formerly owned by a mayor or someone of prominence in Victorian times.  The last members of the family to own the brownstone were two old maid sisters.  Their favorite room just happened to be my bedroom! Naturally!  It used to be a sitting room with an amazing garden; they spent a great deal of time in that room.  I don’t remember if he had researched the home or if he had heard this from somewhere else.  Too long ago.

I chose to stay and lived in that brownstone for 6 years….

I did have other encounters with these two spirits from time to time. I no longer feared them and kind of grew accustomed to their presence.  A few years later, John moved and I brought in another room mate to replace him.  For some unknown reason the sisters either left or would not show themselves shortly after that. I don’t know if they chose not to be there because of John’s replacement or just grew tired of showing themselves.  Quite honestly, I sort of missed them…..

Stick around for stories about Ghosts, Witches and Facts about the Famous Salem Witch Hunts!

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5 Responses to “True Ghostly Encounter!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Wow very good, I beleive in ghost, Few years ago one night when I had went to bed and just started to fall asleep I heard foot steps coming over to my bed, but seen no one so I knew it was my dad coming in to check on me and he’s been gone since 1988


  2. Nancy Radlinger Says:

    Oh I believe also as I have had many encounters with more than I want to admit lololol I’m orginally from NC and there were ghost all over there and then when I moved to WI – I thought those days were over but the first house we rented here had a ghost (Grandma) would still sit in here rocking chair and rock in her upstairs bedroom – from the outside you could see the silhouette of her rocking and from the inside – you could hear her rocking but when you went into the room – there was nothing :) So I BELIEVE

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  3. ellent Says:

    Oh Wow! That’s an amazing story! I have only had that one occurrence in my life but I do know some people have them all the time.

  4. Kevan Says:

    Hi there my friend,
    Well you are on a subject That I Know a bit about here.
    I am now 66 and I have been a Spiritualist from the age of 19 when I went to a spiritualist church which was really in someones living room. I went there with 5 other mates we were all in the Army so we thought we would go for a laugh. But it really was not a laugh it to me from about 1 week later was fact. They are what is called today ghosts but they are really earth bound spirits. So thos two ladies have maybe found peace now and moved on or they also went with John.
    But to me for some reason I myself think that have as I would say seen the light and moved on.


  5. ellent Says:

    Oh Kevan, thank you so much for your thoughts. Yes, they might well have finally moved on. It was the only time in my life I experienced something like that, but I do know if someone does experience something like this – you Will believe.

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