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As Flint McCullough: Wagon Train

Robert Horton, probably best known for his role as the frontier scout Flint McCullough on the NBC Western series, Wagon Train (1957-1962).  Mr. Horton did all his own riding and stunts on most of the Wagon Train episodes and in the series A Man Called Shenandoah.  He owned an Appaloosa horse named Stormy Night and rode him in both of these series.  The horse got his name because he got him at a rodeo in Idaho on a stormy night.  He left Wagon Train to pursue a career in musical theater.

Born Meade Howard Horton, Jr on July 29, 1924 in Los Angeles, CA, he graduated from the University of California Cum Laude.

The handsome Robert Horton appeared in dozens of movies and television shows between 1951 to 1989. He appeared in Ray Milland’s “Meet Mr. McNutley” and John Bromfield’s Sheriff of Cochise.  He was appeared on seven separate episodes of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series, including “The Disappearing Trick” with Betsy von Furstenberg.  His character was a tennis playing bookie and blackmailer.

He appeared as Danny Barnes in the episode “No Place to Hide” on the CBS series The DuPont Show with June Allyson.  He was also on NBC’s series “The Barbara Stanwyck Show ” and an interview program “Here’s Hollywood“.  He appeared several times on NBC’s The Ford Show starring Tennesee Ernie Ford.

Robert’s other credits included a role as a cowboy amnesiac on the series “A Man Called Shenandoah” (1965-1966), starred in “The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones“.  This was the first Western made specifically for television and simultaneous distributed to cinemas in Europe.

From 1983 to 1984, he tried his hand on the daytime soap “As the World Turns” as Whit McColl.

After leaving television and films, he spent many years in theaters and nightclubs throughout the U.S. and Australia as a singer.  

In 1963, producer David Merrick hired him as the lead role in the musical version of The Rainmaker (titled 110 in the Shade), playing the part first played by Burt Lancaster in the movie.  The musical score written by Tom Jones (best known for his work The Fantasticks) and Harvey Schmidt (musical composer) which ran for 330 performances on Broadway.

Robert was an accomplished pilot, owning a Piper Comanche 250 from 1957 to 1998.  He logged over a thousand hours flying across the country with his wife Marilynn as his co-pilot.   During an interview with “Plane and Pilot”, he said “his three greatest thrills were his first solo flight, a performance before Queen Elizabeth and being featured on “This Is Your Life.”

His hobby is his cars though stated “I don’t show my cars, I drive them.  The two don’t go together.”  His favorite movie is Uncertain Glory and his favorite actors were Errol Flynn and Myna Loy.

He has been the recipient of  lifetime achievement awards for television including the prestigious Golden Boot Award and the Cowboy Spirit Award at the 16th Annual Bison Homes Festival in Phoenix for “embodying the integrity, strength of spirit and moral character depicted by the American cowboy.

His Quote: “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence, Persistence and determination are omnipotent.”  This was from a sign that hung in his father’s office.

He and his wife live in Encino, California.

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  1. Carol McCrow Says:

    Hi Ellen, I messed up! I put my comment about James Garner on the wrong person – I put it on Robert Horton’s article! So what I did is I posted the very same comment onto James Garner’s post where it should have been in the first place. So if you could just delete the comment on Robert Horton’s post I think it will be fixed.

    Sorry about that; silly me:)

  2. santo carrizales Says:

    In shenandoah, does he ever find out his name and his past. Please write me Robert Horton and where does he settle down after that. And I want to ask you Robert horton i saw some card tricks on the show can you really handle a deck of cards like that? Santos your beloved brother from the past 1960-1966′

  3. santo carrizales Says:

    Did Shenandoah ever find out his name and past? And I saw you robert do some card tricks on the show , can you really handle a deck of cards like in the show? And where would Shenandoah settle at after he finds his past?

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