Clint Walker, Cheyenne Star, Film Actor

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Born, Norman Eugene Walker, May 30, 1927 in Hartford, Illinois. He was a twin with sister Neoma “Lucy” Westbrook who passed away November 11, 2000 at age 73.

Growing up in the Depression forced him to take on work wherever he could find it. He worked as a Mississippi River boatman, carnival roustabout and a golf caddy. He quit high school at 16 and joined the Merchant Marines at 17.

At the end of the war he worked his way across the country taking on various jobs, including working in the oil fields in Brownwood, Texas.

Upon arriving in California, he worked as a private detective on the Long Beach waterfront and then landed a job as a security officer at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. It was here that he met many Hollywood people who encouraged him to give it a shot as an actor.

His good looks, size and physique paid off when he arrived in Hollywood. According to an article about TV Westerns in Time Magazine (March 30, 1959), he stood 6’6″, weighted 235 lbs and had measurements of 48-32-36.

He was hired by Cecil B. DeMille to appear in The Ten Commandments. Along with a few other bit parts led him to be noticed by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers was the leading studio developing the western genre for television.

His good looks landed him the leading role in the Western Series Cheyenne as Cheyenne Bodie, a cowboy in the post American Civil War era. Cheyenne was hugely popular and quite well written. The show ran for 8 seasons and was the first TV Western to run an hour long.

Clint was also a good singer, possessing a very nice baritone voice. Warner Brothers utilized his voice having him sing occasionally on various episodes and then produced an album of ballads and traditional songs.

He appeared and starred in several movies including Fort Dobbs (1958), Yellowstone Kelly (1959), the comedy Send Me No Flowers (1964) and the war film None But the Brave in 1965. In 1967 he played a meek convict Samson Posey in the extremely popular war film The Dirty Dozen.

It was thought that Sylvester Stallone was going to approach Walker to come out of retirement and play his father in Rambo.

Clint presently lives in Grass Valley, California.


Susan Cavallari (March 7, 1997 – present)
Giselle Hennessy (May 26, 1974 – Jan 1, 1994)(her death)
Verna Garver (Sept 5, 1948 – 1968) (divorced) one daughter, Valerie (born 1950)

Yellowstone Kelly (Courtesy of : DukeFanGermany

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  1. Mareah Says:

    I love westerns. My dad got me hooked when he would watch reruns of Gunsmoke. I saw Fort Dobbs and was like wow. Clint walker is a talented actor and very handsome. Looking forward to watching more films with Mr. Walker in them.

  2. ellent Says:

    Hi Mareah!

    I can’t tell you how many guys have been so surprised that I (as a female) have the same passion for the westerns. So, we gals are a rarity but are certainly bitten by that western bug! I am in the process of getting a few more of these great folks up and running in the next few days. I am sure you will enjoy them!

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