HS #0

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HS #0

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  1. Lonnie Chapman Says:

    This site is fantastic and I really like Clint Walker, Gil Favor & John Russell. Do you have Ty Hardin(Bronco), Will Hutchins (Sugarfoot), Wayde Preston (Colt .45), James Garner (Maverick) & Chuck Connors (The Rifleman)

    Thanks, Lonnie

  2. Lonnie Chapman Says:

    I really like this website especially Clint Walker, Eric Fleming & John Russell! My all-time favorite cowboy is Clint Walker follow by Eric Fleming & John Russell! I like all of the Warner Bros TV Series Westerns along with Rawhide, Rifleman & Gunsmoke!
    Do you have Ty Hardin (Bronco), Will Hutchins (Sugarfoot), Wayde Preston (Colt.45), James Garner (Maverick), Chuck Connors (The Rifleman) & James Arness (Gunsmoke).

    Thanks For Sharing! Lonnie

  3. ellent Says:

    Thanks so much Lonnie! I couldn’t agree more. I decided to stay with this theme because I too love the old westerns and have more wonderful people I will be adding to the list. Hopefully this weekend I will be adding Dennis Weaver to this wonderful mix. I hope you will stop by again soon and again, thank you so much for your comments, they are truly appreciated.

  4. ellent Says:

    Hi Lonnie, I don’t yet, but I will definitely get them up and running as soon as possible. Thanks so much for mentioning these guys. I do have a bio on James Garner and will be adding Chuck Connors very shortly.

  5. Joann Barr Says:

    I love John Russell & watch Lawman every day!

  6. Joann Barr Says:

    How can about him and obtain the films he was in?

  7. sharon porter Says:

    I am trying to find the name of the young actor who played a deputy on Wyatt Earp series, I believe his last name was masters on bats brother.

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